A collection of favourites BBC Characters including Fireman Sam, Noddy, Pingu and Postman Pat on one BBC pre school in BBC Worldwide.


4 Fun FavouritesEdit

  1. Funnybones: Dinosaurs
  2. Fireman Sam: Dily's Forgetful Day
  3. Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
  4. Noddy and the Pouring Rain

BBC Television Children's FavouritesEdit

  1. Noddy and The Broken Bicycle
  2. Pingu and Pinga at Home
  3. Funnybones: The Pet Shop
  4. Postman Pat's Finding Day
  5. Spider: Just a Spider
  6. Joshua Jones and the Haywire
  7. Tales of the Tooth Fairies: The Stolen Present
  8. Fireman Sam: Bentley the Robot
  9. Pingu Goes Fishing
  10. Charlie Chalk: Arnold's Night Out

BBC Children's Christmas CrackerEdit

  1. Noddy and Father Christmas
  2. Pingu: Skiing
  3. Barney's Christmas Surprise
  4. Pingu: Sledging
  5. Little Polar Bear: Snowstorm
  6. Fireman Sam: Snow Business

BBC Children's CollectionEdit

  1. Little Polar Bear: The Ice Floe
  2. Pingu: Ice Hockey
  3. Noddy and the Pouring Rain
  4. Barney's TV Act
  5. Postman Pat's Thirsty Day
  6. Fireman Sam: Halloween

The Greatest BBC Children's Video Ever

  1. Fireman Sam: Spot of Bother
  2. Pingu's New Kite
  3. Spider in the Bath
  4. William's Wish Wellingtons: William the Conkeror
  5. The Clangers: Fishing
  6. Nursery Rhyme Time
  7. Noddy and the Special Key
  8. Funnybones: Bumps in the Night
  9. Hairy Jeremy: Ice To See You
  10. Little Polar Bear: The Egg
  11. The Animals of Farthing Wood: Adventures of Fox

Children's Sensational Summer FunEdit

  1. Fireman Sam: Deep Trouble for Sam
  2. William's Wish Wellingtons: Sweet William
  3. Pingu at the Funfair
  4. Monty Gets The Blame
  5. The Adventures Of The Garden Fairies: The Garden in Summer
  6. Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears
  7. Oakie Doke and The Wishing Well
  8. Spider and the Classroom Distractions

Children in Need - Party for PudseyEdit

  1. Postman Pat's Birthday
  2. Fireman Sam: Halloween
  3. Pingu's Birthday
  4. Oakie Doke and the Party
  5. Monty's Magic Trick
  6. Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears
  7. Dinobabies: Ebegeezer Scrimp