History about the broadcasts and re-runs of the 13 episodes from the children's TV show "Bertha" that is produced Woodland Animations Ltd in 1985 and that has been shown on BBC1 and BBC2 throughout 1985 to 1998.


1: The Great Painting Job

First broadcasted: 1st April 1985 at 3:55pm.
Re-run dates: 17-09-1985 at 3:55pm, 31-03-1987 at 3:50pm, 06.05.1988 at 1:20pm, 03-01-1990 at 1:00pm, 25-06-1990 at 1:20pm, 27-07 1998 at 7:30am

2: The Windmills

First broadcasted: 15th April 1985 at 3:55pm.
Re-run dates: 24-09-1985 at 4:00pm, 01-10-1992 at 1:20pm,28-07-1998 at 7:30am,

3: Mouse in the Works

First broadcasted: 22nd April 1985 at 3:55pm.
Re-run dates: 01-10-1985 at 3:55pm 09-07-1990 at 1:20pm, 22-07-1993 at 1:20pm29-07-1998 at 7:30am

4: The Best Machine Competition

First broadcasted: 29th April 1985 at 3:55pm
Re-run dates: 08-10-1985 at 3:55pm, 21-04-1987 at 3:50pm, 24-01-1990 at 1:20pm, 04-10-1994 at 8:40am, 30-07-1998 at 7:30am

5: T.O.M. Gets Lost

First broadcasted: 13th May 1985 at 3:55pm
Re-run dates: 15-10-1985 at 3:55pm, 15-05-1986 at 1:45pm, 28-04-1987 at 3:50pm15-09-1988 at 3:50pm,06-10-1994 at 8:40am

6: The Flying Bear

First broadcasted: 20th May 1985 at 3:55pm.
Re-run dates: 25-6-1986 at 1:30pm 05-05-1987 at 3:50pm, 5-11-1987 at 1:20pm,

7: The Tea Nurse

First broadcasted: 29th October 1985 at 3:55pm.
Re-run dates: 12-05-1987 at 3:50pm, 22-09.1988 at 3:50pm, 14-02-1990 at 1:20pm

8: More Speed, Less Work

First broadcasted: 5th November 1985 3:55.
Re-runs: 21-02-1990 at 1:20pm, 11-10-1994 at 7:20am, 05-08-1998 at 7:30am.

9: The Big Order

First broadcasted: 12th November 1985 at 3:55pm
Re-run dates: 26-05-1987 at 3:50pm, 29-09-1988 at 3:40pm, 06-08-1998 at 7:30am

10: The Burglars

First broadcasted: 19th November 1985 at 3:55pm
Re-run dates: 11-06-1986 at 1:40pm, 24-10-1986 at 1:30pm, 02-06-1987 at 3:50pm, 06-10-1988 at 3:50pm, 7-08-1998 at 7:30am

11: Bertha's Birthday Party

First broadcasted: 26th November 1985 at 3:55pm
Re-run dates: 22-12-1986 at 1:50pm, 09-06-1987 at 3:50pm, 15-07-1988 at 1:20pm03-10-1988 at 4:00pm,

12: The Big Sneeze

First broadcasted: 16th April 1986 at 1:45pm.
Re-run dates: 13-10-1988 at 3:50pm, 26-11-1991 at 1.20pm, 11-08-1998 at 7:30am

13: T.O.M.'s New Friend

First broadcasted: 18th June 1986 at 1:30pm.
Re-run dates: 16-06-1987 at 3:50pm, 15-07-1993 at 1:00pm, 12-08-1998 at 7:30am.

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