CBBC Office Edit

Ed Petrie (2007-10)

Oucho T. Cactus (2007-10)

Holly Walsh (2008)

Dunceton T. Brain (2008)

Daniel Veronica Clarkson (2008-09)

Jefferson Exelsier Turner (2008-09)

Iain Stirling (2009-2013)

Hacker T. Dog (2009-present)

Sam Nixon (2008, 2009, guest presenter)

Mark Rhodes (same as Sam Nixon)

Chris Johnson (2010-present)

Dodge T. Dog (2010-present)

London Hughes (2010-11)

Cel Spellman (2012-present)

Ben Hanlin (2012-13)

Katie Thistleton (2013-present)

Shannon Flynn (2013-present)

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